Monitoreo de Aire PM2.5 (PTFE)

Cobetter PM 2.5 air monitoring membrane is an ideal, accurate, certified product for your air analysis.


Better Handling

The thin PTFE membrane is fixed by polypropylene support ring. This construction provide higher membrane strength and thermal stability, avoid curling during the operation.


Accurate Result For Your Air Test

Cobetter PM 2.5 membrane is manufactured in 100-thousand-grade clean room. Eliminates the particle contamination from the workshop. The PM2.5 membrane has low chemical background and free of adhesives.


Certified Quality

X-Ray Fluoresence Trace Elements Analysis, visual Inspection


Technical Specifications

Cobetter PM 2.5 Air Monitoring Membrane

Filter Media

Unsupported PTFE

Pore Size


Typical Filter Thickness


Filter Diameter

47mm / 41mm / 37mm

Typical Particle Retention(DOP)


Support Ring


Support Ring Thickness


Support Ring Width


Other Air Monitoring and Sampling Membranes (PTFE)

Cobetter also provide various PTFE membranes for air monitoring and sampling in aggressive environments.

All the membranes are manufacured in 100-thousand-grade clean room. Membrane are free of adhesives and have ow chemical background.


Other Air Monitoring and Sampling Membrane

Filter Media

Unsupported/Supported PTFE

Pore Size


Filter Thickness


Filter Diameter


Support Ring

Popypropylene / Without support ring