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Carcasa industrial para módulos lenticulares  ►H-CSD

Cobetter H-CSD filter housing

is special design for CSD filter, can be used in high requirement applications such liquid clarification and sterile filtration in biological industry.


■ Features and Benefits

  H-CSD filter housing can install muti-CSD filters vertically which meet customer desires for different flow rate and different space volume in applications.


  Housings are constructed by 316L or 304 stainless steel which provide high corrosiveness resistance.



  Housing are mechanical polished or electropolished. Easy to clean.



■ Materials of Construction


Filter Material


316L Stainless Steel or 304 Stainless Steel


304 Stainless Steel

Filter Cover


Body Seal


Surface Finish

External Finish

Mechanical polished 

or Electropolished  Internal Ra≤1.2um

Internal Finish

Mechanical polished 

or Electropolished  Internal Ra≤0.8um

Operation Conditions

Maximum pressure

10 bar

Maximum operating temperature
























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