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Caracterizado por su elevado caudal, estructura compacta, facilidad de uso, sustituyendo perfectamenta las bolsas filtrantes.

Cobetter High Flow 150mm is constructed by 6”/152mm diam, reduces the number of filters and size of housing required. Cartridge is coreless, single open-ended which can be wide used in different applications.

Materials of Construction


Filter Medium

Support /Drainage

End Caps

Out-cover Materials


Pleated Polypropylene

Depth Structure


Glass Filled PP

Nylon/ PP


Resin Bonded Glass Fiber/Polyester Support


Glass Filled PP

Nylon/ PP


Resin Bonded Glass Fiber/Polyester Support


Glass-Filled Acetal

Nylon/ PP


Features and Benefits

  High surface area design provides excellent flow rates and extended service life while maintaining high particle removal efficiency

  Coreless construction to minimize waste disposal

 Inside to outside flow configuration all contaminates held within the single open ended filter

 Absolute rated filter medium

 Available in 20”/508mm,40”/1016mm and 60”/1524mm lengths.


■ Typical Time/Labor for Change-Out


■ Filtration Area    5.2m2/40inch (PP)


Operating Conditions


Polypropylene Medium

Glass Fiber Medium

Maximum Differential Pressure

(nominal inside to outside flow)

3.5bar at 82

50psid at 180

3.5bar at 82

50psid at 180



  Desalination                             Cooling Water

  Resin Trap Filtration               Process Water

  DI Water                                     Aqueous System


Ordering Information

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