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Membrana esterilizante de Nylon6,6 hidrofílico  ►N66

 Grado Esterilizante

Cobetter N66 sterilizing grade filter cartridges feature high-strength pure nylon 66 membranes for higher assurance of sterilization. These filters have a proven record of performance in the production of sterile biological, and beverage.

■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

Nylon 66 membrane

Support Layer


Core/Cage/End Caps



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■ Features and Benefits 

  Water wettable

  High reliability of sterilization

  Available in absolute ratings from 0.22 to 3 microns for a range of precise size removal

  Lower extractables than NY6 filter

  Repeatedly steamable in situ

  Broad solvent compatibility

  High protein recovery from most protein solutions

  High filtration area, combined with low pressure drop,ensure filters high flow rates


■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure



Steaming Sterilize


Hot water Sterilize



■ Applications

• Specially Chemicals           • Solvents

• Bottled water                         • Beer

• Pharmacerticals                   • Process Water

• Electronic


■ Ordering Information

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