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Membrana asimétrica de polietersulfona hidrofílica  ►APS

 Grado Esterilizante

Cobetter APS filter cartridges feature a unique single layer, asymmetric hydrophilic polyethersulphone membrane. This membrane is characterized by excellent throughput and higher durability in many applications such as pharmaceutical and biological filtration and beverage filtration. Higher flow-rates than any other sterilizing grade filter cartridge offers, so APS assures thereby most economic design of filtration systems.

■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

 Asymmetric Polyethersulphone

Support Layer





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■ Features and Benefits

• Provides broad chemical compatibility

• Asymmetric polyethersulphone membrane makes high dirt holding and long service life

• High surface area design provides excellent flow rates

• Available in absolute ratings from 0.22 to 0.65 microns for a range of precise size removal

• 100% Intergrity Tested


■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure



Steaming Sterilize


Hot water strilize



■ Applications

 Large Volume Parenterals (LVP)


 DI water

 Cleaning and sanitizing agents

 Bulk pharmaceutical products

 Food & Beverage, such as wine


■ Ordering Information

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