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Membrana simétrica de polietersulfona hidrofílica  ►SPS 

 Grado Esterilizante

Cobetter Pleated Single-layered polyethersulfone membrane filter Cartridge (SPS) are specially designed to provide superior flow rates at an economical cost. The Unique construction features a high particle removal efficiency. Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane cartridges require no pre-wetting and are ready to use.

■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium


Support Layer




Pore size

 0.04um ,0.1um ,0.2um ,0.45um,  

 0.65um ,0.8um, 1.2um


 Please refer to ordering information

+ We can supply Validation Guide for SPS 0.2 type for Pharmaceutical Industry.


■ Features and Benefits

  100% Integrity tested to release assuring absolute reliability

  Hydrophilic, easy to wet and integrity test

  Broad range of chemical compatibility

  Component materials meet the requirements of the USP Class VI Biological Test for Plastics


■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure



Steaming Sterilize


Hot water strilize



■ Applications

  Large Volume Parenterals(LVP)

  Bulk pharmaceutical products

  DI water

  Biological Products

  Process water

  Bottled water


■ Ordering Information

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