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Membrana de UPE para la filtración de fotoresistentes  ►UPE

Cobetter pleated UPE membrane cartridges use ultra high molecular weight polyethylene(UPE) membranes, with the highest retention efficiency for ultrapoure solvent and photo resist chemical filtrations.

■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

UPE membrane

Support Layer

High-density polyethylene(HDPE)


High-density polyethylene(HDPE)



Pore Size

0.05um, 0.1um, 0.2um


■ Features and Benefits

  Low particle counts in chemical delivery systems and bulk chemical production

  Large filtration area, provides maximum flow rate in a compact design


■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure

58psi(4bar)/70 (21)


■ Applications

• Photo resists

• Electronic chemicals

• Solvent


■ Ordering Information

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