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Cartucho filtrante de poliéster soplado(Melt Blown)  ►APBT

+ Resistentes a altas temperaturas y a la oxidación

Cobetter pleated PBT melt blown filter cartridges (APBT), utilizing polybutylene terephthalte membranes and polyester nonwove support material, will offer good performance of liquid filtration. The oxide resistance, high temperature resistance, high flow rate membrane assures PBT to be widely used in oxide water filtration. The pleated design maximizes filtration area for longer service life.


■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

PBT Meltblown

Support Layer





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■ Features and Benefits

  Excellent oxide resistance;

  High particle removal efficiency;

  Good temperature resistance;

  Low pressure lose;

  Good GEL removal capability;

  High surface area design provides excellent flow rates and extended service life;

  Thermally welded, eliminating adhesive extractables;

  Manufactured in a cleanroom environment. 


■ Operating Conditions  

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure

 58psi(4bar)/70 (21)


■ Applications 

  Oxide Water

  Pure water

  Corrosive fluids



■ Ordering Information

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