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Cartucho filtrante de microfibra de vidrio para filtración de Gases  ►GGFP

+ Alta porosidad, excelente capacidad de ensuciamiento

+ Elevado caudal, baja caída de presión

Cobetter GGFP filter cartridges are made with high voidage glass fiber media for enhanced filter life. Due to the high particulate removal efficiency and low pressure drops consistent with glass fiber media, GGFP filters effectively protect sterilizing-grade filters in air and gas applications. The glass fiber media provide high dirt-holding capacity.


■ Materials of Construction

Filter Medium

 Glass Microfiber

Support Layer



SS 304 or Polypropylene



End caps



Please refer to ordering information


■ Features and Benefits

  Fine adsorptive effect make sure excellent particle retention efficiency

  High surface area and high voids volume filter media

  Reliable efficient protection of final sterilization filters

  Exceptionally high flow rates with low pressure drops

  High-capacity for long-life

  Repeatedly steam sterilisable


■ Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature


Maximum Pressure

58psi(4bar)/70 (21)


Steaming Sterilize



■ Applications

  Pross Gases

  Food & Beverage

  Sterile air

  Microbial control of compressed air


■ Ordering Information

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