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Cartuchos filtrantes de polipropileno, con retención absoluta  ►APP

+ Doble capa de polipropileno con porosidad graduada, proporciona una mayor capacidad de ensuciamiento durante una vida útil más larga

+ De alta eficiencia, muy apropiados para la filtración de cervezas

Cobetter pleated absolute polypropylene cartridges (APP), provide absolute, accurate efficiency for the retention of particles in most critical application especially in beer filtration. It combines high dirty loading capacities with long service life and extremely high flow rates.


■ Materials of Construction 

Filter Medium

Multiple Layers Melt-blown Polypropylene

Support Layer


Core/Cage/End Caps



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■ Features and Benefits

  High dirt loading capacity

  Pleated surface provides superior flow rate and extended service life

  Available in absolute ratings from 0.65 to 5 microns for a range of precise size removal

  Excellent retention of Particles and reduction of bioburden from liquids


■ Operating Conditions


Differential Pressure



Max. Allowable Back Pressure

29psi(2bar) at 20

In line Steam Sterilization

121,20min. at max differential pressure of 0.5 bar/7psi


134, 29psi(2bar),30min


■ Applications

  Beer filtration                                   Water filtration plants

  Clarify filtration                                Chemicals

  Food & Beverage                           Pharmaceuticals


■ Ordering Information

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