Vision, Values, Principle 2010




 → To create the best filtration company by our hands

● We are the successful world’s filtration company and actively pursuing the leading position in international market. Our products with “Cobetter” brand have a high reputation among the global customers
● Our  company is the preferred partner for customers
● We continue to creating the top filtration technologies and developing newest products for the world
● We win the new and old customers' trust with the high quality
● We win the honor and trust for our modest, industrious and precise working attitudes not only from customers but also our counterparts.


→  Keep studying and working hard. Create fruitful achievements by our wisdom for different targets. (Customers, stakeholders, staffs and dependants, and the regions and areas where we have business relationships.)

● Provide innovative products, optimization solutions and services to customers and give customers long-term achievements.

● Supply attractive salary package and fringe benefits. Therefore, staff family can have a better life by their efforts.

● Make contributions for suppliers, distributors and other partners

● Take social responsibilities and make contributions for our communities and country in cultural, economical and society.


→Built a Fair family. Purification of environmental as well as spiritual.

● Establish study teams in company. Keep studying and keep promoting cultivations and capabilities.

● Create a reliable family to staffs. Each member is in high cultivation and enthusiasm. They trust each other, work happily and achieve their self-value.

● Our systems provide high cultivations talents: top engineers, excellent sales, and outstanding mangers.

● Help staffs to approach to successful life. This is our vision and value.

● Staffs can hold shares. It ensures each staff makes great efforts together, takes responsibilities together and shares the successful achievements together.



►Values, principle

→ Being patient and Keep working hard.

● To persevere in pursuit your dreams. Though you cannot gain the results immediately sometimes for what you paid, you will get what you can not imagine by keeping your enthusiasm and never give up attitude.

● Working hard as you can every day. It will promote your creativity and make the contribution for yourself and the company.

● Use of your own wisdom to solve the all problems you meet in work.

● Try to push yourself hard and keep mental harmony and kind-hearted

→Cross-Cultural Study

Cross-Cultural study activities promote our company sustainable development. We learn the technologies, experiences, theory of business from the best countries and companies in the world and put what we have leaned into practice in every production and working process which is our special competence. Our staffs go abroad on a study tour gradually each year, and share advanced foreign management experiences with other Cobetter staffs.

■To put emphasis on Japanese management and theory of business.

· Study and use of Toyota Production System (TPS), in production ,technical and after sales processing.

·  Establish Billboard System; Just In Time; Standard Operation Procedure.

·  Inamori's Thought.

■ Study American company’s abilities in strategic planning, resources consolidation and market Exploration

·  GE water: Management of Six Sigma


→ Implementation capacity& Inherit, Honesty & loyalty

● Each manager should become models of staffs and abide company value and vision by personal example and pass the spirit and love on every members.

● We love our own family, and protect company as protect our home.

Company devotes to build structure safety .Marketing, productions and technology information will be managed differently. Each manager needs to measure risk and avoid risk happened. All staffs need to keep and deal with company assets in a responsible way, especially company’s intangible assets, such as company image, technical secrets, industrial property and management method.


→ Manage the life as well as the health.

Health not only is pre-condition of all work, also is wealth of our life. In order to raise our life quality and achieve greater success in the work, we devote to managing our health!

The life lies in sports. We manage our heath and establish a healthy life style by using scientific and positive methods.


→ Cooperation makes a better future.

● We have more extensive cooperation all over the world. We devote ourselves to provide good products and services to customers. This is one of our visions. Extensive cooperation makes progress in business, technical and cultural aspects which help us to achieve a great success.

● We establish all kinds of teams. Personal achievements need to take teams performance, into consider. Mangers, subordinates and team workers will confirm company targets, primary tasks and duty bounding together.

● Future leaders will be selected in internal company. The one who fit for company value and principle is first choice.

● Help staffs to approach to successful life. This is our vision and value.


→ Innovation and improvement

Our business aim: have long-term achievements and good competence in the market: cooperate with customers and help them to be more successful.

● Develop high technical products with high quality and good prices, supply advanced technologies and provide excellent services.

● We devote to provide optimization solutions and services to customers.

● “Whole Staff improvement” are advocated and operated by Cobetter staffs in all aspects of their work. All of them use their wisdom to work effectively.


→  Be patient to do valuable investment

Besides some basic cost and improvement cost for purchasing cars and houses, we will do our best to put investment into public service projects, such as personal training, study club, 8023 club, etc.

It has great influence on our future life and shows the company is playing an important role in society.


Our value of existence not only means achieve current targets such as increasing salary, purchasing a car o a house, we also need to use our wisdom, our enthusiasm and company’s assets to develop, invest and achieve some potential and meaningful projects.