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WFS Series Sterilization Wine Filtration System



Pasteurization method cannot be used in wine filtration process, but membrane filtration can fit brewster requirement to control microorganism.
Cobetter APS filter cartridge series can 100% removal particles(miscellaneous,infusorial earth pectinase and so on. ) and micro organism (yeast,mould) from wine production process. It can keep fragrance taste of draft wines and ensure wine biological stability and non-bio stability and increases the wine shelf life.

Sterilize filtration system supplys compact construction and flexible design. It is easy to operate. Also we can design the system according to customer requirement.



 Ordering Information

Part Number

 Flow Rate

Bottling Line


30 HL/Hr

Suitable for 2000-4000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line


50 HL/Hr

Suitable for 4000-7000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line


100 HL/Hr

Suitable for 7000-13000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line


150 HL/Hr

Suitable for 13000-18000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line


200 HL/Hr

Suitable for 18000-24000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line


300 HL/Hr

Suitable for more than 24000 Bottle/Hr bottling Line

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